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    Video & Camera Burke 3/23/13

    burke is doing more grooming these days. The groomers skied great, all over. Nothing icy to speak of. Lots of natural on-trail stuff on the ungroomed. I gravitated toward the "thin cover" signs, since, as always some nice, untracked pow is to be had. By the end of the day, the last of the ungroomed and chop had been slayed. Getting a bit bored, I meandered over to west bowl, always a fun run. Pretty nice, but getting a bit scratchy (still great for carving) and a bit "earthen" shall we say? I was fearful of the runout (it was dreadful last month), but it turns out they ran a groomer over it - it's hard and fast, versus last month when I had to pole and skate at least a dozen times. Anyways.

    As far as groomers, it was great everywhere. I always like cruising on Carriage road. Fox's folly had it's good and its bad spots. Upper Warrens had lots of untracked on it until everyone on the lift saw me in it. Story of my life. Rocketing down Lower Whilloughby was fun. The trail above the race course (Upper Warrens was in good shape and wicked fast.) I kept forgetting to go down Big Dipper which was in excellent condition. Powderhorn was bumped up here and there. And of course the Shoot is a perennial favorite to pretend you're ski flying.

    I then spent a good part of the day in the woods. Conditions were variable, but throughout good pow could still be had. I hit Caveman, Throbulator, Lees Loop, Lews Leap. I don't recall which had been skied off (Caveman, maybe?). The best however was Sasquatch, with lots of fairly deep powder. Delightful.

    The temp stayed at about 32F all day. by the end of the day, it was starting to feel like it would be spring skiing in a few days. It's getting to the point that I'll have to start late and dress lightly. Word is they will try to stay open until the 14th. Looks quite viable.

    bill messy wods 3.jpg


    rusty art.jpg
    The obligatory rusty art in Lyndonville. New piece for 2013.

    franconia 4 cannon. cropped.jpg
    Heading south, Lafayette on the L, Cannon on R.

    Didn't hit driver jerks until I got to Lincoln. Figures. Just reminds me why I like to head further north and/or ski midweek.
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    not as enthusiastic as you were about what I found at Burke on Sunday. Thought the woods were too skied off, as were the natural snow trails. Essentially, skied what you referenced above as well as some of the stuff that sits to skier's left and under the old summit lift. Only my second time skiing here but really like the mountain. I think one good rain storm leaves a lot of the mountain unskiable. Good thing about the conditions is that Burke isn't a rocky mountain so my skis didn't get beat up. Don't think they will have problem going 3 more weekends with base they have on snow-making trails.

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    Nice TR and pics. FWIW when there is adequate base, Burke usually grooms a fair amount of their terrain including many of the runs on the east side (East Bowl, Carriage Road, Powderhorn, Toll Road, Dippers, Dipper Doodle, Mountain Marsh, etc.) Some days they let some go ungroomed, but generally speaking they tend to groom a lot. And I assume you skied East Bowl instead of "West" Bowl?
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    FWIW, after the rain storm but before the recent week's snowfall, Burke was down to essentially snow making trails only. The fact that they got back to 100% is a testament to the quality and volume of snow that fell. But I wouldn't be surprised to see all the natural snow trails shut back down again after any major warm up or any rain. With exception of this last storm, the NEK just didn't get the snow this year.
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