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    Hume would hate this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannonball View Post
    Don't bother. You haven't been around for some of the endless, circular commentary on this subject on this forum. Enjoy the skiing banter here, but if you want to have informed discussions about real science this isn't the place. Your energy can be better spent.
    +1 up it just keep going to the thread unfortunately gets locked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drjeff View Post

    I 100% believe that scientific research is incredibly important and needed. However to think that it's not a business, and that pressure to turn a hypothesis into results that can then be used to obtain not just more knowledge, but also profit is a bit shortsited IMHO. I also believe that climate change is occurring, but then again climate change has always been occurring. We just don't know, and frankly may be too ignorant to think that we can change (or should change) what very well may be the earth itself going through a "normal" cycle of climate that it's likely been through 100's, if not 1000's of times before in the last few million years. It makes one think BIG picture for sure!
    That is a 100% balanced and reasonable response at looking at both sides of the issue.

    Of course, if everyone felt this way, global governments wouldn't be able to massively increase taxes on corporations and private citizens, create jobs for their cronies through patronage, seize financial assets, and otherwise fraudulently stuff their coffers with $$$$ all in the name of doing "good" for the planet.
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    I hate spring.....wish it'd go from dumping to 80 with 4-6' perfect surf then back to winter (although I do like Fall)

    Most have this romantic idea of spring with all the warmth, pastels, tulips, birds chirping....but in reality is cold, raw, windy and just nasty....


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    You'd be surprised SQ,
    Once one gets away from all the crap in the air in many cities, towns..and near highways....and you really can notice a difference.
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