Mount Snow 4/5/2013


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    Mount Snow 4/5/2013

    Conditions:Frozen PP (early) to Loose corn (later)

    Trip Report:

    In looking at the trail map we noticed a lot of blue - yes Northside is all advanced-expert terrain but seemed like a small part of Mount Snow and yes there is Carinthia which is all park! However, some of the intermidiate trails skied like some black trails at some other resorts. Oh and there park - well that was impressive! Oh one last note we hand waxed our skis with a warmer temp wax which worked out perfectly - all day!

    We started our day nailing a warm up run down Long John - yes it is green! However, I was surprised by that considering the fall line of the trail in some spots as well as some of the terrain changes. We actually skied it fairly fast and being a Friday the trails were not very populated! Next our kids wanted to head over to Carinthia which we were all eager to see. We got there by skiing from the summit on Little John over to Long John Then down Mine Shaft! From there I can not remember the trail but it had a whole bunch of nice natural features. We made another run down Nitro to the junkyard hitting a few features but not being a huge park person I stick to average features from the get go! In any case, we left our park rats there and decided to check out other parts of Mount Snow!

    Our next trails were off Long John - Ridge and Hop! Hop was a fun trail and were were laughing at the hame since the trail was bumped out and you basically were hopping all the way down! It had some steeper sections and was very fun to ski! Luckily the snow had softened up by the time we were there and turned out to be a good time. Ridge was a nice cruiser and though this were starting to soften, the grade allow the skis to run.

    We headed nex to the other side of the main face down Cascade over to One Time. One Time was actiallu very interesting. It is a narrow trail that weaves around a lot, has drops that can catch out off guard and a few bump sections! It was a blast to ski! We definitely were coming back to this trail! There was one section with bare spots but really were not an issue! Since most of the people sking were under twenty - the main face was a ghost town. I say this because on busy days, I bet that trail gets crowded with rookies and that would be stranglehold for that trail making it hard to pass!

    Since the kids were hanging out at Carinthia, we opted to have a beverage break! It was a bluebird day and the patio seemed inviting. They have a great lodge and the base area quite expansive! Even though the main bar upstairs did nto open until 2 the one next to the patio was serving - perfect! We were able to take in the sun while taking down a Switchback!

    We then decided to lap Exibition a couple of times which skied nicely! This trail is straight down the face and has a nice pitch that did not slow down as the surface softened up. Our get rady for lunch run was down Little and Long John! We just liked skiing an easy run that had a good fall line! The back to the Patio for lunch! Our kids returned with excited remarks about how we need to come back and "best park"! BTW our food was good and the price was good too!

    After lunch we took about four more runs on various trails across the face and the conditions were really starting to soften up at this point. Thankfully, we waxed our skis and now it was really paying off! Thre was plenty of snow everywhere and the though that they are closing in less than two weeks was amazing! We did make One Time a two timer makig it our last run with our kids who also thought that htis trail was a lot of fun. We wanted to head over to Northface for one or two runs but the snow was getting heavy and legs tiring out so we called it a day!

    We had a great time and we certianly will visit again! I have not been there since 1980 so it was nice to see how it changed. We were there compliments of Ride and Ski. This mountain skis nicely and we found it to be very entertaining.

    Thanks Ride and Ski!



    Bluebird Chair next to the patio

    Base Lodge area
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    2016-2017 target - 50

    If you take what the mountain gives you, you will always have fun!

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    Good time to go! They've had a lot of terrain open in the late season.


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