Stowe Or Wildcat This Weekend


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    Stowe Or Wildcat This Weekend

    So-- have some time this weekend, and am thinking of heading north. If I can only do one day, it will be Stowe (love Stowe in the spring- bumps galore off the quad), Wildcat is too far. However, if I can swing two days, I have two vouchers to the cat- which makes it a nice option. Anyone skied wildcat recently-- they have some nice bump runs under and parallel to the summit lift- but they always appear pretty bony- but ski report still has a few of them open. Any chance they will be open and skiable sat-sunday. Marginal snow in the forecast for both....

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    Wildcat is calling for 3-6" tonight into Friday. Not sure what Stowe's forecast is, but Wildcat is looking like a good choice. Pretty sure it's been snowing off and on there for the last 10 days or so.

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    Skied Wildcat on Monday and Stowe yesterday. Pretty damn good spring conditions at both places although I caught total sun at the Cat and the summit at Stowe was socked in with poor visibility on the upper 4th of the mountain or so. Stowe looks to have a deeper snowpack overall.

    Stowe was only running the Forerunner quad. I don't know if that's their weekend plan but the Cat only needs one lift for the whole place.

    Terrain under the quad at Wildcat was mostly open on Monday. The mountain skied really well. If the forecast calls for spring conditions and sun I'd go for it at the Cat.

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    I would go with the two days of skiing

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    Not that warm this weekend. If you have the ability to hit somewhere further south with warmer temps, I'd look into it over Stowe or the Cat. Both of those mountains will be open next weekend if you can swing two in a row.

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    Stowe has shut down the gondola and spruce sides for the season. You can still reach the gondola trails via Rimrock trail though. Might be able to find your way over to Chin Clip if you're adventurous.
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    I was at Wildcat last Saturday. The bump runs were bulletproof, but coverage was pretty sketchy. I'm not sure if they lost much cover this week, but it didn't look like it would take much to lose all of their bump runs. If I were choosing between the 2 it would be Stowe.

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    follow the vouchers
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcunni View Post
    follow the vouchers
    I'll be at Wildcat this weekend most likely.... is predicting 7-10 inches up there and at Stowe tomorrow. I was last up in the area 2 weeks ago, but I spent a day at Saddleback (sorry Riv, I blew it getting to Smuggs because their liftopia tix expire 2 days in advance as oppose to 1 next year is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!!, but I'm really glad I got to the 'Back) and two at Attitash with a good friend who has a place slopeside there. The snow seems to be holding up pretty well in Pinkham Notch, but if Stowe has the goods, its tough to argue with laps on National / Lower Liftline, which has snowmaking and is left ungroomed, unlike the terrain at Wildcat. It might very well come down to the snowfall we get tomorrow and what your preferences are for groomed snow vs. bumps. Also making the trek over to the Gondi area (Chin Clip, etc.) would probably be well worth it too.

    The two days definitely makes it a tougher call too... Wildcat is an under appreciated mecca for spring skiing, so don't count it out. It's probably the best perennial offering for spring skiing outside of Sugarloaf and Killington, assuming it makes a play for late May-June on Superstar. In general, I love the Mount Washington Valley this time of year because the ability to hit Wildcat and Mt. Washington late season is second to none... If you're coming from CT and don't get to Wildcat very often, I'd say this would be a great opportunity to see what the valley has to offer, but maybe next weekend like deadhead suggested isn't a bad play either.
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    Update from facebook:

    "Some changes to yesterday's NOAA Winter Weather Advisory have adjusted periods of snow and total accumulations for the day down a bit and snow flurries were only just beginning as we drove up from the lower valley elevations to Pinkham Notch at 5:30 a.m., but the hourly forecast for today is still showing accumulations of up to a couple inches by noon along with periods of wintry mixed precipitation. Wildcat Mountain is scheduled to open at 9:00 a.m. (weather/conditions permitting) with 46 trails and 219 acres of terrain accessed by 2 lifts. 23 trails remain on the overnight grooming list with loose granular snow. Skiing & riding remains very good for this late in to the New England ski season, so enjoy it while it's here because coverage is still good across the mountain, especially on groomed, top-to-bottom runs like Lynx, Catapult, and Polecat as well as mid-mountain mainstays like Bobcat and Cheetah. Recommended beginner terrain via Snowcat chair very good too. Here's the full report:"
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