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    Not sure if this is what you have in mind, but the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in Chamonix is considered to be quite a tough event. However, one cannot simply sign up and particiapte; rather one has to take part in various other races in order to qualify. It's a good filter as the commitment required to finish the race is pretty huge. And the number of people allowed to take part is limited in order to protect the terrain on which it takes place. I've heard the night-time running is pretty spectacular and tough.

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    I tried to run one when I was 17 years old. Didn't train enough and hit the wall at 21 miles, I couldn't even walk the rest. There are plenty of Ultra Marathons races. I was on a 100 mile bike ride once and a guy joined us. When we finished in just over 5 hours I found out that was his first bike ride over 30 miles! I was impressed . He said he was training for a 100 miler, I said you just did one. He laughed and said no a 100 mile RUNNING race. He said a respectable time was to finish in under 24 hours , that was his goal. SICK! Here's a list of some ultra events. http://www.ultramarathonrunning.com/races/usa.html

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    Vermont City Marathon, woot! not known for being tough, though.

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