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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcunni View Post
    I like these pictures.

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    I don't know about you guys but being in the water with surfer girls in bikinis is reason enough to take up the sport.

    Speaking of paddleboarding, looks like Taylor Swift has joined the paddleboarding ranks:


    Looks like she needs help with the leash though.
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    and the grandma bikini

    just because it's retro, doesn't make it hawt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski Stef View Post
    .........i've heard it's actually a pretty good work out. I think it would be fun to like go down a river or something, not just paddle around a lake.
    It looks it SkiStef. Not only CT's coastalzone but W.Br.Penobscot's Big Eddy(Maine) -> nice clean, cold, (~12'deep(in midstream), ~60' out from foreground(shore) is ~1-5')....water on a hot summer day gets weekly, if not daily, participants..., BUT ahh, not the old fogie shooting the guy/kid in the YouTube video. Sorry...couldn't find anything with anyone donning colorful thongs...
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    I agree with OP. SUP looks like a really stupid and awkward.
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    Still looks like the wrong tool for the job. But at least not boring....

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    I think this was the original intended use to get up on surf easier which is more fun, but now has been applied to a broader use which could seem boring but also very chill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowmonster View Post
    SUPing was not meant to be done in calm bodies of water. It's a derivative of surfing. You have to ride the waves to get the full experience. Do yourself a favor and hit a beach with some gentle waves and ride a few in (just stay clear of surfers because that big board, if uncontrolled, can cause a lot of damage).

    Catching waves is easier in an SUP -- longer board plus the paddle gives you more propulsion. You can get more rides on an SUP than on a standard longboard.

    I brought out my short board last Saturday because the waves were finally breaking on the Cape. There was an SUP in the lineup. That guy got more and longer rides than me.
    I was watching some guys surf SUPs at Narragansett beach in Rhode Island 2 weeks ago and they were getting the best rides out of anyone! It looked like so much fun!

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