I decided to take a Tram Ride and hike on Saturday and saw lots of activity at the 'Bird because of the Snowbird Speedgoat 50k.

This sounds frickin' crazy:

31 mile run up, down, around, up again at Snowbird;

Start at Creekside Lodge in LCC, run up and over Hidden Peak, into Mineral Basin, into Mary Ellen Gulch, way the hell out to something called Pacific Mines and then back up;

11,000 vertical foot gain loss ;

$12,000 purse;

6:30 am start;

Anyone who has hiked or skied Snowbird will tell you that it is steeper than hell in most places. I saw a few folks that could not make it and had to ride the Tram down. One guy was an Army soldier who didn't make the 2:00pm check in at Mineral Basin Express (Mile 21) and he rode down the Tram with us. He said it kicked his a$$.

This sounds like pure masochism. Watch the course video. It is insane how far out they went and came back. They covered a lot of ground.