Last year before the season began I started the thread below about whether or not to get a Stowe pass. It lead to a useful and helpful discussion regarding pros and cons of various Northern Vermont mountains.

I decided not to get a pass because I wanted to bounce around, chase snow and not feel locked into one mountain. Now a year later I am reflecting on my decision and recalculating what to do for this season.

Stowe/Smuggs/Notch area is SO awesome and where I spend the most time but I tend to ski the resorts mainly on the weekends since I work mon-fri. At around $2,000 a Stowe pass isn't really economical for the # of potential days I am able to get out there. Last year I had near 30 resort days at Stowe, Smuggs, Bolton, Jay, SB and Killington.

If you are like me and are someone who works full time and spends most of your time skiing the northern vermont particularly in the Notch here is what I recommend.

Buy a VT Traveler club Card for $44. This gets you discounts at just about all VT resorts and select hotels and restaurants. You don't have to live in VT to get the card. If you use the card at least 3-4 times it's well worth the money.

With this card I paid:

$62 at Stowe. Normal rate is $92.
$42 at Jay. Normal rate is $69
$45 at Bolton (35 mid week). Normal is $56
$51 at Smuggs. Normal is $68

The Stowe savings is the best deal you get with the card. I went to Stowe 12 times this past season and paid a total of $744. Normal ticket rate for 12 visits would have been $1,104 without the VT club card.

On top of the VT club card you can then get a Smuggs Bash Badge or Bash badge plus for $100 or $169 which gets you $25 day tickets and $15 1/2 day tickets at Smuggs plus free early and late season skiing. This alone is an awesome deal because Smuggs is better than most people realize.

VT Club Card + Bash Badge is the best combo I can figure out for weekend/holiday skiing in Northern Vermont for anyone who doesn't want to be locked into one mountain.

Can't wait to get this season going!!