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    are you guys messing w/me, or is it actually tick season out there? that might throw off my cargo-shorts plan....


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    The ticks are out in CT & I can't see why they would not be out in CT river valley area or MA either.

    i would have been pulling your leg if I mentioned Poison Ivy & being careful where you lay down.

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    Since last week I have pulled 3 ticks from the cats and one big mamamba tick off the dog. I live in Mass and it's definitely tick season. Everyone gets their bath this weekend and Frontline next week.

    Don't forget your DEET.

    Good Luck!
    Pray for Snow

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    The ticks came out in southern NH a few weeks ago. I hope their not as bad as last year.

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    The suspense is killing us Dave!!!!! How did it go?


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    finally, the result....

    Holy cow!!! I can't believe I forgot to post results here!!! It's amazing how many millions of things happen after SUCCESSFULLY GETTING ENGAGED

    Everything worked out more or less as planned. I was really, really nervous for a couple of reasons, but it worked out in the end...full story below:

    My buddy got off to a little bit of a late start, so I had to dawdle a few times on the way out there ("ooh, honey, let's look at this apple orchard..."). As we were driving out there, along the deerfield river, I noticed that the river looked awfully low. So, naturally, I was thinking the waterfall would be non-existent. Nothing I could do about that, so we pressed on... Now, one of my problems was figuring out how to explain to my girlfr...err, fiance...why we had to drive so far off the beaten path, then hike down a trail. The explanation wound up being that, when I was going to school in western mass, this waterfall was one of my favorate spots to go sit, and, since "we're going right by it anyways". So we mosey down the road to get to Tannery, and who do I see coming back out from the falls, but my buddy's girlfriend. She was driving his car, because he didn't want to make the almost-3-hr drive alone, and then leave the car where Gina could see it. I backed up at about 30 mph, and she turned the other way down the street. Quick thinking on her part. You should've seen how much I was sweating, though....

    So we got to the road to the trailhead, and there were big concrete blocks in the way. We parked behind the blocks and started walking down. Well, it was more like I started dragging her down. I sent my camera buddy signals the whole way down, using the motorola walkie-talkies that we bought for the event. As we were walking, we got passed by some dirt bike/atv people, who were really nice. Apparently they had already seen my buddy walking down the path with a single rose and an SLR camera, so he let them in on the plan to try to get us some extra privacy...

    When we got to the trailhead, though, I saw the ATVs at the top. I did'nt know that my buddy had talked to them already, so I thought they went down to the falls. Again, I got more than a little nervous. When we got to within sight of the base of the falls, though, I could see they weren't there. I didn't even see my spy until we were walking down the final steps to the falls...he was all the way down where the two streams meet, just looking downstream - hidden in plain sight, as they say. We walked out to the rocks in the pool at the base of the falls, and she found hte rose that he planted. I asked the question, and she just stared at me. I stared back, and she just continued. After I almost passed out from nerves, she finally came back with the 'yes' and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Here's two of the pics that my friend took:

    Thanks again so much to everyone here who helped out! Hopefully I'll get a chance to buy you all a beer someday

    EDIT: pointed the picture links to my own server....[/b]

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    That's AWESOME!!!



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    You don't have permission to access /photos617/1/12/52/92/50/1/150925212105_0_ALB.jpg on this server.


    Apache/1.3.27 Server at Port 80

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    Re: finally, the result....

    Quote Originally Posted by maverickdave
    Here's one of the pics that my friend took:
    You don't have permission to access /photos617/1/12/52/92/50/1/150925212105_0_ALB.jpg on this server.
    Congratulations anyways!!!

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    let's try this again, shall we?

    apparently ofoto wasn't a fan of my mooching

    oh, and the other part that I forgot to mention....Gina realized that there must've been someone else there at some point to lay the rose down (she still has no idea pics were taken). I told her how we drove right by his car, and her response was "woah, i could've sworn it was a girl in the car. He's pretty feminine, I guess"

    got a kick out of that one

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