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    Also, that rear suspension probably bobs like crazy when you pedal, which is a waste of your energy. What I mean is that when you pedal some of the energy you're using to move the pedals is getting used to move the suspension instead of turning the wheel. If that isn't happening then the suspension is probably too stiff to do any good and is just excess weight. More expensive full suspension bikes are designed and/or use components to minimize the pedal bob.

    I highly recommend sticking to a hard tail (no rear suspension) unless you're looking to spend at least $1500 on a bike.
    Hardtail better then slender 1500 for sure thanks I try what said.

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    Dates ridden a lot in summer of 2014. Been great weather all summer and I know have a better used moutnain bike I bought from local BS for 260$ a 2 months ago. Love having this place which is in the south Catskills just 20 miles from me.

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