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    Can you hear me now.... Helllllooooooooo

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    What is the "maximum occupancy" of the condos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savemeasammy View Post
    What is the "maximum occupancy" of the condos?
    I think it depends on the condo size but generally I bleieve it is the # of bedrooms *2 + 2 for a pull out sofa.

    So, for example, I think a 2 BR Condo is 6 people. But you could call sugarloaf to confirm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savemeasammy View Post
    What is the "maximum occupancy" of the condos?
    Minimum is 4 and I think max is round 8. We had 16 last year and they couldn't put us all in one so we ended up with 2 8 person condos next to one another.
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    Three of us are definitely in.

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    can respond
    Sometimes you just got to take a deep breath and say "Fuck it" and point the ski's downhill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmiller27 View Post
    can respond
    Looking foward to a great time their.

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    I'm looking forward to finally making it to the summit. We just completed our move to Maine this week, so my travel time to Sugarloaf went from 11.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs. I'm hoping to get ski buddies from the mid atlantic region to join Alpinezone, so they can attend this years summit with me.

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    Sounds like a fun time...let's hope the snow is like last year

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    First post on AZ - here to join the summit!

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