Sugarloaf Trail 9.28.13


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    Sugarloaf Trail 9.28.13

    I returned to the Loaf area again this weekend. I highly recommend this place. The Outdoor Center Trails are a great system with a little bit of everything. Across 27 as part of Maine Huts and Trails is a great system with lots of singletrack and a wilderness feel and few people. To see my routes and pics check out my blog at I have a fairly thorough report and a couple of links to maps here.

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    Anyone been up here? I got the next 4 days off and was considering between riding kt, stab trails or here. Hearing good things for sure. Any ideas for stealth but legit camping in the carrabasset area. I generally dislike campgrounds but if its a nice one with spacious sites then I guess that would work?
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    Just rode there today. So, so, so, so, so good. ImageUploadedByAlpineZone1441591799.644834.jpg

    I can give you info if you'd like

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    I believe There is camping along of the Caribou Valley road and at trailhead and road that leads to the Bigelow trailhead. Both are just north of the ski area road. I think its called Stratton Brook Road. My memory is a little foggy as I don't live in Maine anymore and haven't been there for a couple years. If you look at the blog link above, there is a trail called the Esker Trail that is accessed from the Bigelow trailhead and can be ridden as a loop. Sugarloaf XC trails have plenty of variety and levels of difficulty to keep you busy. The Maine Huts and Trails trail has options to ride as out and back or loop combining logging roads. The blog link has this info as well.

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    The bike shop at the Outdoor center had free maps available last time I was there of the Sugarloaf system and some of the trails on the otherside of 27. Maine huts and trail maps are also free, the office is in Kingfield. Check out the NEMBA Carabasset valley chapter website, I think it has maps too.

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    Thanks for the info.....I keep hearing things are getting built big time up there....I'm going to check it out.

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    Hit it in late September if you can, it's awesome when the leaves are changing. Also, I now live in Colorado and am riding some top destinations like Fruita ,Crested Butte, Monarch Crest to name a few. I still think Sugarloaf had nice trails and good singletrack even after riding out here the past two years and would ride it again in a heartbeat if I was there.

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    I could have offered up some camping spots that would meet your "stealth" criteria, however I was a little late in seeing the post.

    Curious if you ended up biking in Carrabassett? If so, what did you think & where did you end up staying & riding ?

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    Oh man It was good
    Ill Be back asap
    Did a big long xc loop on both sides of the river. That drop from the hut was amazing!

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    Oh man It was good
    Ill Be back asap
    Did a big long xc loop on both sides of the river. That drop from the hut was amazing!

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