TR: Killington Fall Colors Oct. 5, 6


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    TR: Killington Fall Colors Oct. 5, 6

    We hiked over to the Thunder Falls which was awesome on Saturday morning. The fall foliage was in full effect. IMG_5955 - Copy.jpg My lady and I loved it. IMG_5969.jpg After killing it and power hiking we went back to the Grand Hotel. Awesome. We had a decent package so it was not to much as in season.

    Then we hit the gondola. FOGGGGGY. Awesome. IMG_6025.jpgIMG_6033.jpg We had a great traverse on the E trail. Yeah OK E for Easy, not. Anyway gonna get caught here at work playing with pictures instead of working.

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    Great pics!

    No worries on the work vs. playing thing. A constant struggle for me
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    Thanks Nick, It was a great time. O I forgot to mention it was beerfest. I was unable to secure a ticket, however I had my own on the gondola and Snowden.

    O yeah, Killington pool is only 4 feet deep. Do not dive in drunk, got a bit of a red mark on the face. LOL
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    New kind of hiking boots?

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    @sikskier US issued Army boots

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    Nice pics!

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