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    This is a shot of the Mohonk and Minnewaska from the wallkill Valley walk way.

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    Best shot of the cliffs is the ride in on 299.

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    Hey Scotty this looks awesome! Glad you are having fun and getting in the outdoors!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Hey Scotty this looks awesome! Glad you are having fun and getting in the outdoors!
    Thanks Nick it is. It is great living in the Gunks and having these fine hills to hike and bike for sure.

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    Nice pics & thread Scotty....NYS is a mass of impressive and diverse terrain!

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    lots of great advice here.

    Thanks bigbog yes I love NY so much fun outside stuff to do.

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    I did a nice 7 hour hike yesterday. Did Park by Mohonk then walked by the mountain from them the trail to Minn. got to the lake in about 2.5 hours then did some nice walking from around the great lake then came back . Nothing to hard today but got some great mileage in.
    Lake Minnewaska:

    Love this view of 44/55.

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    The Hudson Valley of NY and my house about 20 miles west of here:

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    Ski Minn

    Ski Minne construction almost finished:

    Gertrude's Nose:

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    Went today for a nice quick walk in the late afternoon on Millbrook ridge trail at Mohonk: Steep heart pounding clime rocks for 5 mintues then it levels off for amazing views for next 2 hours so. Not to hot at 5 pm in the shade on the hill. Some pictures below:

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