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    I guess it was Friday. Aug 29 2014 Cornhead came down to hike the mountain range of Shawangunks!! this great great spot so happy againg to get out to these places so close to home. They charge per person and I didnt feel it right to have Cornhead have to pay16 after he just drove 90 miles so I got in my trunk and we rode through the parking lot. Hike started around 1230 pm . Did Millbrook mountain rock climb for first 10 minutes heart pumping. Then trail becomes nice blue square to 3 blue squares walked a few miles got to sigh for Lake Minn. i knew it about 2 miles away we both happy to get to the lake. Everything always takes a little longer here then i plan but in a great way. Ate luch before we got to lake so many amazing views here it just endless. Got a phone call that I had to take after lunch so that delayed the hike for some 20 minutes. After taking in the view of lake and seeing where the leaches were a few months ago that had closed it for swimmers I happy to see it open again with ppl enjoying it. Made left turn and went up carraige road nice 30 flat walk on cobblestone feet where happy for this. Then went to the Petersns Pellet wow wow you can see the mountain hill and the noses Girathes I had not that before took longer then i thought it is rated 1 red square to 3 red squares lots of calories burned here on this day out views everywhere just fanstic! Took longer again then i thought got on the blue Millbebrook mountain trail that winds around the peak at 7pm i guess it around 8pm as it was getting dark we made it the easy hike out trail to the carraie roads in not full darkness but another 30 minutes later we would have been walking with cell phone lights on in the trees. Leaves starting to chang colors here to . Love this place over 7.5 hours of hiking most i did all summer thanks agian Cornhead for coming all way from your home 90 miles away. Sorry for extra time spent in the trees.
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    Whew, what a day! My dogs are barkin today, so glad we made it out of the woods in the nick of time. What an amazing place, yet another of NYS's natural wonders.

    Scotty, fresh as daisy at the beginning of our 8 hr Odyssey.

    Yours truly, similarly fresh.

    Lake Minnewaska, I guess NYS Parks service installed a leech field for the hotel that resulted in the proliferation of leeches in the lake, how apropos, it is a "leech" field. Swimming in the lake was banned earlier in th Summer due to the leeches. NYS government strikes again.


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    Singing in the rain today with Jim D and his friend. Not a lot of rain over all. Started out SAt. Sept 13 2014

    Knew the forecast was ok with up to a quarter inch of rain all day I think. His friend wore sneakes I was impressed. Got to the lovely Gurties Nose agian. 6 hours of singing in the rain. Great hike agian love these hills.

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    did Lemmon squeeze almost fully 2 now in past 2 weeks wow crowed yesterday great gettin g with Cornhead last sunday here and jim g and his son this past sat. Leaves chaging colors already catskill and spandex crowds all day yesterday nice peaks for sure.

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    Bump went mountain bike around lake Minn. for 10 $ pass so beautiful here on Saturday April 25? Fun 3/hour s love all first timers here. So lucky to live close by sams point maybe one day this weekend a head.

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    2 day out yesterday Saturday memorial day weekend 2015./ 2 hike of season about 6 miles nice hike from Lake Minneska over to peters kills preserve and back in about 4 hours or so another fun times with Jim .

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    Bump. Great hiking Saturday love those poles make my feet much less pain. No pain 4.5? Hours for 7.5 miles got to love the peterskiill ski slopes got bfind old t bar soon. Another outing of fun times with Jim got to cars as rain started.

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    Great pics guys.....what a geologic display of layers on the rock walls of that gorge...


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