Sport tracking software liability concerns?


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    Sport tracking software liability concerns?

    Interesting article on the guardian

    I know some people here use alpinereply to track stats. I noticed the other day when I was looking at my stats it listed the resort max speed of 80.9mph

    The program strava was sued by the parents of a bicyclist killed trying to break the top speed record.

    It is worth noting that alpinereplay did not list the username of the skier/rider who hit this speed, nor can you search the leaderboards by top speed, but you CAN by slope. Also worth nothing is that alpinereplay listed my steepest slope as 34 degrees, which I know isn't accurate since I went on Ramrod and High Noon which are both blues. You can get a "medal" for skiing faster than 35mph, and other people can see this too. Not sure what speed ski patrollers consider reckless.

    Thoughts? Does this encourage reckless behavior? Are these companies liable?
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