Killington has top to bottom skiing and riding


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    Killington has top to bottom skiing and riding

    From the conditions report:

    12:07 pm 11/09/13--Killington snowmakers have been making snow-storms across Snowdon and Skye Peak and you’ve been asking that infamous early season question - what about top to bottom? Well the answer you've been waiting for is finally here. Top to bottom skiing and riding has arrived.

    For Saturday, the K-1 Express Gondola and North Ridge Triple are scheduled to provide uploading from 8:00 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. Skiers and riders can still choose to use the Peak Walkway to get back to the K-1 Express Gondola for downloading back to the base area throughout the day.

    There are lower mountain trails open to provide skiing and riding back to the base area, but early season conditions exist and walking may be required.
    Their facebook page also has a picture of snowmaking starting at the top of Superstar.

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    And snowmaking on the bottom of lower Bittersweet.

    It will be online sometime this week.

    Posted TTB over an hour ago in the other K thread.
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    It will be a great first day tomorrow.

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    Excellent news!

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    Nice....time to figure out what day next week im going!

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    Probably gonna head up next Friday..Some snowdon and Skype trails should be in play by then..

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    Quote Originally Posted by powhunter View Post
    Probably gonna head up next Friday..Some snowdon and Skype trails should be in play by then..
    Snowdon was in today
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