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    Ski Resort Map

    Anyone else have trouble w/ the ski resort map off the main page? Lots of missing links to ski areas, difficulty navigating the map. May just be my browser, or maybe someone needs to update some of the links....

    It almost seems like there are certain 'dead' spots in the map, the catskills, some other spots, where there are no links to the mountains and the hand tool doesn't function to move the map. Could be a problem on my end though.

    No big deal, but I liked that map.

    Update: Know what? Never mind. Works fine in IE, problematic in Chrome. Don't worry about it on my account.

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    I'll take a look at it. It should work in Chrome also, I use Chrome 99% of the time. I know I have a task of fixing some overlapping / text rendering issues on Chrome but usually it shows up OK for me.
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    Looks like there's some issues with FF too. Some peak icons aren't clickable at certain zoom levels. There are also some missing images and text overrun issues in the resort dialog pop-ups

    It used to work in FF and IE, Chrome wasn't around when we first developed the map.

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    theres something definitely wrong with it. the map is one of my favorite parts of this site, please fix it.

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