KILLINGTON getting around 10-12 inches by sunday. Last days for 2 for 1. Thoughts????


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    Wink KILLINGTON getting around 10-12 inches by sunday. Last days for 2 for 1. Thoughts????

    Have done the weekend thing a few times at Killington both Saturdays and Sunday. Have found the stormy Sundays to be great days to go. Driving through storm should keep non-serious riders away I hope.What is your opinion of Sunday riding at Killington and other mountains??? Throw in a 2 for 1 and the Long Island/NYC group is getting ready to go. Best early conditions this Sunday in the last 4 years I think.

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    I was there Friday and it was phenomenal. There was a good 4-6" depending on the area of the mountain when we got there and it snowed nonstop all day. I'd imagine they will have some serious depths by the time the lifts start spinning tomorrow. I was thinking of going back but I don't have the drive in me so I'm just going to Mt. Snow tomorrow instead. I hope it's as good there.
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    That is what I am hoping for. All the majority of their snow is really coming after lift closing times. There should be a good 8 to 12 to be found all over the mountain. This will be a great base for the woods and mountain to build off of.

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