Belleayre or Hunter?


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    Belleayre or Hunter?

    Thursday is looking like a decent days. Mid 20s and there's been cold days/nights for snowmaking and a bit of natural here and there. I'm heading to Camelback with my daughter on Wed and was thinking of snowshoeing on Thursday but for a few extra bucks and a little more time spent in the car I'm thinking I may try the Catskills for a day trip since it's not supposed to be freezing.

    Bell can be had for $36 from Liftopia and Hunter online is $46. The drivetime is the same for both. I've been to Hunter but never to Belleayre and am thinking this may be a good time to check it out.

    Deciding which one is better to go to. Anyone been to both recently and have any input? Thanks in advance.

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    I really liked belle. Alot less crowded as in nobody there and some decent terrain.

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    I was at Bell last weekend. It was very good. Not the most challenging mountain but fun. If they got enough snow to open some glades that could be sweet.

    Mid week I'd suspect both places to be empty.
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    Mid week for the best terrain Hunter. Platty does have 20$ lift tickets this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but as if now most of expert stuff is closed. We need snow.

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    There is alot more snow and open terrain at Hunter, especially expert stuff. They have blown a ton of snow on just about every open trail and they are blowing on 44 as we speak. I expect this coming weekend to be excellent as was this past weekend.

    If you have never been to Belleayre and you go I will be interested to read the TR.

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    Crowd wise i used to like Bellaire a lot more, a much more laid back atmosphere. But that was also 8 or 9 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bangarang View Post
    Crowd wise i used to like Bellaire a lot more, a much more laid back atmosphere. But that was also 8 or 9 years ago.
    Crowds will not be an issue at either mid-week. Hunter for terrain and conditions, but BA if you want a chnage of pace.

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    Midweek there are no crowds anywhere.

    Hunter has by far the better terrain for an high intermediate skier or better, which is most of the sorts of people who use this board.

    Hunter and Belleayre both have good terrain for a real beginner. Belleayre has better terrain for a lower intermediate skier.

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    I was leaning towards Bell but I like single diamond blacks and harder intermediates so now I've decided to go with Hunter, esp since the $36 Liftopia deal is now sold out..You snooze, you lose. Hunter is only $4 more, has more snow, better terrain and it's (slightly) less travel time.

    Just purchased for both Camelback and Hunter online so it's going to be a busy 48 hours.
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