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    Poorly. See my black toe thread. Thanks for asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post
    Here's a short video from today, it's all I got before the camera died

    You're welcome!

    Great time and good skiing this weekend. Today was tough as I really worked it on Saturday. It was too cold to take many pics and Brians photo of Rip Saw is better than mine.
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    Here's some video from this morning, before we had to pack up and head home.


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    Thanks to Ethan, Sugarloaf, and all the AZ moderators that made it all happen without a hitch again!

    I'll try to dig up some pictures from the weekend -- Sat it was cold and I didn't even pack my camera...

    We walked up to Whiffletree from our condo (8:29am) and got a Jumpstart at Kingpine, hitting all of my non-gladed favorites... Ramdown, Widowmaker-Flume, Haulback, Ripsaw! All were a ton of fun... started to move over towards Skyline/Spillway taking the Wedge, wind-hold, Superquad? long-lines --> skip. Back to Whiffle and King Pine... The main run off whiffle had a decent easy bump line that we hit each time we went down.... Our crew didn't really test the waters on the glades or even really dip into sides of trails, but the trails themselves had pretty stellar edge-to-edge coverage, and with almost all of them open -- we didn't hit them all! Later in the day caught a few favorites off Skyline (Sluice!) I headed in for an early lunch and to watch my lil guy for a few hours while my wife Avery got out for some early afternoon turns... Headed back out at 2:30 for another shot of ski'ers left on Widowmaker, and making it over to a quieter superquad and blasting down Hayburner... Grabbed my first tracks, introduced the lil guy to loafs Reggae, and back to the condo to drop him off and get back to the party.

    First tracks today, we were late, rolling up around 7:31. Kings Landing caught me attention first, launching off the first few gnolls into a very fast first run of the day.... moving on to Hayburner, groomed-fast-perfection. Checked out competition hill and sluice before the 8:30 bell rang and found myself at skyline for second first chair at 8:30.... Early access first tracks still doesn't get old after 5 years, I think its really the only way to ski weekends.... Got around to some I missed the day before, Gondi Line, Bubblecuffer, and back over to King Pine to finish out the morning.... 10 runs in by 9:30, solid start... Unfortunately had to check out of the condo, note to self- checkout monday next year!

    Awesome AZ summit again! good to see some old faces and some new! Sorry I didn't get to catch too many runs with AZers this year.
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    Here is my first attempt at a Gopro Studio edit. Some funky transitions, but not bad overall. I took a digger at the 35 second mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post
    Here's some video from this morning, before we had to pack up and head home.

    Sorry about the lack of any sound, but I was trying to get these out the same day from up at the loaf with limited resources. This one in particular I mostly edited on the car ride home.

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    Great weekend! Thanks for all involved in organizing this!

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    Sounds like you guys and gals had a grand ol' time! I wish I could have made it up, but the Loaf will have to wait until mid March for me to grace it's slopes. I'm glad I've had the chance to meet a few AZers this year, and I hope I get the chance to ride with some more of you.
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    1st time at the summit and had a blast. Great job by AZ and SL!!! Huge thanks to deadheadskier and backloafriver for leading me to spots I may not have taken myself. 10 hour drive home last night (had to navigate the NYC metro area in the snow), back in the office this morning and it was worth every second.

    Sugarloaf is freakin huge compared to my usual. Like take 3 Elk mountains, stack them on top on each other and make it steeper...I am toast. It was cold so I didn't get many pics, but the few I took I'll throw up tonight.

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    ^Glad you made it. Sorry I missed some of you guys this year, I'll be back next year for sure! 10 hours is a helluva ride!
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