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    Quote Originally Posted by xlr8r View Post
    Seems like a lot of mellow terrain on these peaks. Hard to create good continuous vertical
    Looks good. Like I said, there are a lot of options. That continuous vertical problem is why I had so many lifts. I was trying to prevent having extremely long/flat run outs at the bottom of each run.

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    You know, Bretton Woods and Sunday River do quite well, and they aren't exactly known for continuous steeps. You don't need them to be successful. Ultimately, what everyone wants is successful ski areas. Steeps, varied terrain, lifts, etc... are part of the equation, but ultimately, success is the primary factor.
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    I agree in the sense that I look for fun factor/challenge balance within my limits (of course pushing the limits safely at the same time). Even though sr has less continuous steeps it can be very challenging for me at least because it has all these funny concave, convex surfaces. Throw in patches of ice and it is a $##! OTH I fin at SL the steeps are steep but flat and more predictable. Anyway no matter the fun factor increases with more natural snow no matter what

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoseek View Post
    I enjoyed the comments on that one. Hope like hell it succeeds. We would go there without a doubt, once they get it operational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    I enjoyed the comments on that one.
    They should hire Alexander Delarge as the Concierge

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    This is a very interesting quote from the article:

    He added that the new resort would appeal to "Gen Xers" whom he called the economic drivers at resorts for the next 25 years and who enjoyed a variety of activities, including motorized sports such as snowmobiling and riding ATVs.

    Given the existing trail networks in the area, that makes a lot of sense.

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    Alexander's concept of entertainment was hilarious.

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    They're out of their minds. 4 hours from Boston and 7 from NYC and 1,000 vertical. Who is going to finance that?

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