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    Camera Magic 02/15/14


    Conditions: Heavy powder - they got 23 inches! Some scrapped off spots on steeper trails.

    Trip Report:

    Magic was truly Magical! All season, I have been taking my wife on more difficult terrain, both steep and bumps! Being at Stowe the day before with low visibility she was not so interested. However, today she was ready! It was a Ride and Ski party day we had two comps and bought tickets for our son and his friend for $39 (Ride and Ski deal) so the price for 4 was right! I had heard that the Red Chair has been out for a while and today it was getting test so it could be reopened, however that never came into play. Instead, the Black Chair had a really long line for a slow diesel based chair, but we were there so suck it up. We were getting geared up and noticed that Russia and the USA were tied and in overtime so we checked that out before heading out!

    We waited about twenty minutes to get on the lift but when we did our goal was to try and make some quick runs which was kicked off by skiing Up You Sleeve and Velocity. When we got to the bottom the line was twice as long so we opted to go in for a few drinks and bag skiing for a while! Our kids were patient and stuck it out until lunch! We tried to eat a little earlier hoping the line would go down for lunch. When the lunch crowd did come in the the line shrunk and we bolted out the door.

    My son and his friend told us they found a really cool trail and they asked us to go! Well they took us down Magician to Black Line then over the Heart of Magician. Magician is a narrow trail (one lane road) that had a drop in and was bumped out and somewhat scraped off where as Black Line had bumps covered in powder that were softer and more fun to play on. Heart of Magician was a wider trail the was not skied on much and powder bumps were in the early stages of development. The terrain features were playful. After that experience my wife decided to ski other runs like that so we skied Trick (also limited tracks and fun), Talisman (kind of narrow but has changes in pitch which is fun too) and Broomstick to Heart of Magician (again). Our last run was intended to be an easier run to skiers right (anything) but when we arrived to the top we changed our minds and decided to go down Witch and Goffin Glade. Our son suggested it! My wife actually encouraged me to go - not that I minded! Witch was bumped out with a double fall line but a breeze. Looking up the trail, inside I was excited about my wife's new interests. We then decided to head into Goffin Glade and she took her time but handled the run very well. It had the largest bumps she had ever skied (close was Steins Run at Sugarbush last Spring). The only tough part of that trail was at the junction of Twilight Zone where it was a little boney and rocks were visible and found our edges. The spot was very beat up considering the snow in that area had a tan color and it just snowed 23 inches the day and night before.

    My son (11) and his friend came running up to us at the end of the day and said they had skied every run except for the easier trails. He was following his two older brothers foot steps who challenged him all the time on steep terrain and in the woods.

    Overall, the lift line never really built back up and it was reasonable the entire afternoon. We had a blast and look forward to another trip there next season. The lodge was old school with cheap furniture and beat up carpet - but I loved it! The Ride and Ski Apres Ski Party was a lot of fun too! The only bad thing was the ride home which was hell due to the snow that was falling. Some people need to learn how to drive in this beautiful stuff!

    I was just thinking - I do not think I ever saw any beginners!

    Witch and Goffin Glade all to ourselves

    photo 2.JPG

    photo 3.jpg


    photo 5.JPG

    photo 4.jpg
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    Glad you enjoyed. Magic is skiing incredibly with huge pow bumps everywhere. Up top there's been an additional accumulation of 8-12 in the last two days and probably 6-7 on my deck next to the black lift. Off trail stuff still has pretty fresh lines if you know where to look.

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