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    Quote Originally Posted by MR. evil View Post
    I would rather miss out than join FaceBook.
    If you don't want to join facebook (I don't blame you) then you can always check for group rides.
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    Lately, my riding has been more about the number of smiles than the number of miles. Today, I did manage to do almost 10 miles of MTB followed by 32 of road with the club.

    I also got dropped on the Fast Ride for the first time. It was humbling, embarrassing, and pissed me off. I dropped out of the lead so someone else could pull for a bit and the new guy just shot out. Picked up the tempo instantly and I had no chance. I spun as fast as my legs could but the wind was too much. I felt like a sally.

    EDIT - Forgot to mention I took a hella digger at Bradbury. The end result is a bunged up middle finger and my gut kills from where the end of my handlebars dug in.

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    My wife and I Just finished our first 500 mile week on the tandem in the Adirondacks.(edit: it was actually 8 days of riding) Great weather, nice roads and no issues with traffic / bad drivers. We'd sometimes rode 5-10 miles without a single car passing us.
    We rode from Saranac Lake up to Potsdam , Malone and the Saint Lawrence River then back. I was amazed at how flat northern NY is, it felt like we were in the west, just farms as far as you could see. Saw a few Amish wagons and farms there too.

    Also had our first encounter with two large German Shepards attacking from two sides, luckily we didn't get bit. They ran back with both of us yelling "go home" plus the owner yelling too. He didn't lock them though, riders behind us had the same experience with these dogs. Time to buy some Halt or pepper spray for these rural rides near farms.

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    Today, what should have been a nice, solo ride turned into a rescue mission. While at Bradbury, I came upon two bikers who had just made it half way up the mountain. They asked if I had seen an elderly man with a cane and a five year old girl. I hadn't. Apparently they had been gone for quite some time and their party was getting worried. The two bikers I came upon were not familiar with the hill so I divided us up into three groups, each one trying a different trail to the summit. There were still 2 main arteries that hadn't been covered but the Park Rangers were also on the hunt. We reconvened at the summit with no luck. After a minute, a cell phone went off and the person on the other end said they were found on the Summit trail (perhaps the least friendly uphill bike trail on the West Side) on their way down. They had, indeed, gotten lost and turned around.

    Makes me feel thankful that I knew where I was and, at the same time, scared to explore Falmouth tomorrow.

    All in all, I ended the day with 11.5 miles. Tacky dirt, beautiful weather...Maine at its finest.

    Here are a few obligatory "lean" pictures.

    This is on the Corridor Trail that is connecting Bradbury to the CMP Powerlines.


    This is a pretty sweet little step down that is actually much more tech-y than it looks:

    Also in the "this is harder than it looks" category, this root system is luckily perpendicular to the trail but the angle up is rough. I can clear it each time now but at first it was damned tricky.

    I tried to get a shot showing pitch. It didn't work out so well. (but I like bike pictures so, whatever)

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    Solo ride at Blackstrap Preserve in Falmouth today. (here's a map if you're interested:

    I have only been here once before and it was a total a$$ kick then too. I stopped by Allspeed Cycle in Portland to get the skinny. Chris (the owner) gave me a solid set of directions and I drove to the trailhead.

    The Falmouth Land Trust is actually a set of multiple areas, most of which are multi-use and allow biking. (there are a handful that don't) Blackstrap is the area that the Greater Portland Nemba chapter and Allspeed have been working on for the past few years.

    The hard work has really paid off.

    I won't bore you with the "which loop I rode" talk, but I will say this place is legit. The climb from the lot can be either hellacious (via the yellow loop) or more moderate. I started with the moderate climb and it still was a workout. All of the climbing is well worth the payoff which is some SWEET downhill!!! To be truthful, I found myself hugging the brakes a bit since I wasn't familiar and didn't feel like walking. I only managed around 8 miles but my legs are feeling it.

    Here are a few shots:
    The view from the top. To make total use of this area, you need to come back here a couple of times.


    I didn't know the line here...most people huck the drop. I am not most people

    One of the many stream crossings on the White trail.

    A RAD rock berm:

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    A couple more:

    The Rock berm from the top

    The yellow trail is a super tech climb/suckfest but it has this one spot that is pretty:
    And in the other direction:

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    Those trails looks sweet! Right up my alley with all the rocks and chunk. The 3 rd picture in your first post that you said you didn't know the line. There seems to be many lines on that feature, but if your not into drops you could easily roll that bad boy from the looks of it. Using your bike in the picture as a reference I would say the entry to the roll is the rocky point around your handle bar grip and the exit is at your crank....I could session that rock feature for 30 plus minutes before I got bored...good stuff!

    if your ever in Western Ma let me know and I would love to give you a tour of the famous Batchelor Street trails. Or if your ever in the hartford area I could show you around Case Mt or Millers Pond.

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    Nice pics, looks like a great place to ride!

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    Sat. July 5 i rode the herrtiage trail from Goshen, NY to Monroe. 10 mikes each way beatful used to be rail road now it cment over and awssome. perfect day in summer to be outside.

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    I passed the 300 mile mark for the year on my MTB last night, now at 307.

    A season highlight for me so far was a 25+ mile ride I did on this past Saturday. I'd been wanting to do a 20 or so mile ride for the last few years, but I just never made it happen. We set out early Sat to accomplish that goal, and ended up with 25+. I was lucky enough to have a friend leading the ride who kept us at a good pace, not too fast to burn out early, but not too slow with an overabundance of breaks either. It felt great to finally meet my goal. Maybe I'll shoot for a 30 miler next...

    Another highlight has been getting my kids out several times so far, including leading 2 kids/family rides for our NEMBA chapter.. My 9 year old has moved up to an extra small framed 26" wheeled bike, and my 7 year old will be on a 24" or 26" bike before too long to. It brings me great pleasure to see them having such fun on bikes, especially in the woods!

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