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    Rode some of this today and what I rode was sweet! After an unsuccessful attempt at bushwacking over to the power lines from my apartment, I rode a half mile down to Route 88 and found the blue trail. I rode that up to Tyler Technologies and on the way noticed a trail, complete with a bridge, right over to my apartment complex. The trail is literally 100 yards out my back door! I rode the yellow trail back to 88 and wanted to head out toward Cousins Island, but it started downpouring so I took the rode a half mile back home. Great riding right in my backyard! I can't wait to check out the rest of it. Thanks for posting about this!
    The West Side Trail continues to improve and expand....Amazing the amount of work put into these trails just over the last couple years. The eventual plan is to continue the trail north along the power line corridor into NYarmouth and Cumberland. Here's a link to a their Facebook page with a link to maps & upcoming events:

    While Bradbury continues to be one of the more popular destinations in Greater Portland area for riding, there are now a number of quality trail systems providing more choices to break up the monotony: West Side, Falmouth Trails (Blackstrap, Hadlock, Comm Park, River Point), Pineland, and Portland Trails. Many of the Portland & Falmouth trails can all be linked together making for some epic rides.

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    What happened there? Didn't look like much of a jump, what caused the wipe out?

    in the very last frames of the vid it looks like he is missing his shoe. Did it come off in the crash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR. evil View Post
    What happened there? Didn't look like much of a jump, what caused the wipe out?

    in the very last frames of the vid it looks like he is missing his shoe. Did it come off in the crash?
    It really wasn't much of anything. I think he just came down with the wheel turned. Landed so hard that his shoe came right off.

    Luckily he walked away with some pretty intense rashes. Now, I watch the video and laugh the whole time. He does as well

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    Great photo sequences and videos!

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    Live, Ski or Die Trying!!!
    "Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the ski runs that take our breath away."

    SKI THE EAST!!!!!!

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    Apparently, my brother

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    Rode the "beat the sunset" 29 mile loop from my office tonight after work with one of my hygienists. Ended up with our fastest average of the year for this loop, an 18.4 average over the 29 miles with just over 1500 feet of climbing. A good post work workout! And not only did we "beat the sunset" but for the season I crossed over the 1500 mile mark about 21 miles into the loop! That's making my post ride beer tonight taste just a smidge better!

    Now I've got to see if the ever decreasing after work daylight + my kids weekend soccer schedule + a week long business trip to San Antonio I have coming up in a few weeks will allow me to get my season total to 1750 miles before ski season starts and my bike begins a few months hanging out in my trainer in the basement!
    '07--08 season: 51 Days, '08-'09 season: 55 Days, '09-'10 season: 41 Days, '10-'11 season: 49 days, '11-'12 season: 40 Days '12-'13 season: 57 days, '13-'14 season, 60 days '14-'15 season 60 days, '15-'16 season 52 days, '16-'17 season: 50 days, '17-'18 season 52 days, '18-'19 season 45 days '07-'19 seasons: 612 Days

    '19 - '20 season:

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