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Here's another shot of what I believe is Black and Blue, a steep glade off to the skier's right of LostBo. Pretty cool section of woods but in need of some glade upkeep (whippets) and certainly in need of fresh snow.

As a regular homer of BMOM and glade worker, I full agree Xwhaler. I skied Black (NH) on February 17th for the first time. Great mountain for families. No doubt Black in NH has some short steep drops but from the looks of the rocks, it takes a solid 3-4 foot base to ski some-what cleanly. I'm sure there are some interesting lines off the grid. BMOM glades have just scratched the surface of the potential. More coming for next season...
As a long time lover of black there is only one trail I haven't skied, black and blue. I was wondering how you think it compares to Lostbo glades. I found Lostbo glades challenging but manageable. I am kind of neverous because it looks tight and un skiable. I am pretty sure though what I am looking at is not black and blue.

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