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Thread: Bretton Woods?

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    Bretton Woods?

    My preference is mountains like Sugarloaf and Jay Peak. I enjoy challenging terrain and am enjoy the woods when there is coverage. That being said is Bretton Woods worth the trip or would I get bored quickly. Is there enough glades to entertain.

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    Probably enough to keep you entertained for a day. Just don't expect to find anything steep.

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    Some friends are there today and posting some nice pow pictures on facebook.
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    There will be plenty of fun in the ungroomed, but lift lines are out of control this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeggous View Post
    There will be plenty of fun in the ungroomed, but lift lines are out of control this year.
    Not the days I've been there (weekdays).

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    I actually enjoyed Bretton Woods a lot when I went.

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    my buddy has been there a couple times and he liked the woods enough to go back

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    The glades are pretty good. Everything else is....meh
    Not steep at all. If your looking for a good challenge go to wildcat or cannon.

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    I like Bretton Woods enough I go back every chance I'm up north.

    I don't care so much of their groomers. I just don't think they groom all that well anyway, lack of steepness notwithstanding (not that I crave for steep or speed though).

    But the woods are what go for. It's probably not all that challenging for the truly good skiers. But for me, it ranges from mellow to "interesting" to "exciting", which is perfect!

    I've been there during holiday period, liftline was only an issue at the bottom during the morning (and after lunch) rush hour. Away from those lifts, line were non-existent.

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    The Glades off of West Mountain, Maple Woods, John Graves glades,Boundryline glades and Cliffs Cliff will be good….take a look at the trail map they are marked Double Blacks and they will have some pitch but not Cannon type steep !!
    There's a couple on the Rosebrook side and then take a right off the Zypher there is Glade West thats pretty decent too.
    You should have plenty to keep you occupied…..if you want steep……Cannon is it.

    I skied BW today…..lines were only bad at the base lifts from 10:30 till noon, after that they were quite manageable.
    The Stickney glade area T bar was dead the whole time I was over there today…..

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