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    Quote Originally Posted by kelly001 View Post
    Second that. You're not giving yourself much room for error. (Boy, do I feel my age right now.)
    A couple of quick thoughts after watching your video, 1) be careful, 2) congratulations, you don't lack for confidence, 3) I hope you are wearing a helmet. 5) don't show that video to your parents.

    Maybe for a separate thread, but I find no joy skiing all those rabbit holes. I always feel I'm one turn away from serious injury.

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    Great Vid, thanks for sharing...makes me want to go to Jay ! Now that I know exactly how to get there

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    Always want to ski glades like that but when it gets too tight I I lose confidence! I also get concerned about where I will end up! I like glades where I can afford a miscue. Cool vid thought!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LONGBOARDR View Post
    Make videos if you must but please keep the Jay terrain off youtube, my thoughts.
    I also do the Twitters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMadWorld View Post
    Why wouldn't you just use the stairs instead of hurling your skis over those rocks and climbing up? Seems like a lot of work for nothing
    I actually found it a bit easier just to do this. Going up that way would bring me right where I wanted to be. The stairs take a bit to get up plus then I need to traverse over a bit.

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    I enjoyed watching it. Find someone to ski with, film each other. Makes a much more interesting video. Lastly, not being a gearhead (trying) but slap some better skis (if you can) on your feet & you'll be a whole lot happier. As others have said, you certainly do not lack confidence.

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    Nice vids. PS I still watch your COD videos, they are pretty funny.

    That is some epic music on this video.
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    Too tight for my blood and I wouldn't ski it alone.

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