We used the Ski 3 Pass this year for the first time and really enjoyed using it. Our approach was to use it to effectively ski for at least half price or less.

I was curious about how many of you used these passes or if you did get one what would your choices be?

This is how we used it this year:

Stowe = 56% savings on window rate
Killington = 51% savings on window rate
Okemo = 48% savings on window rate

Okemo was a result of planning a trip with family and we used our pass. Hind sight, I would have preferred Sugarbush from a cost/savings perspective! Overall it fit well into our plan and we will probably do it again next year but probably do the Ski 5 Pass instead.

If we get the Ski 5 Pass I think we will ski:

Stowe, Killington, Sugarbush, Stratton and if they forget to check off their resort return again otherwise Okemo.