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    The 177s are more like 180 in true length. They just felt real quick and I bet I'd have no issues skiing the next size up, which would offer more float.

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    I like the word quick, esp in the same sentence with a 107mm ski. Haven't gotten out on my Vagabonds yet. In fact I haven't skied at all yet. Our season's had a hiccup down here, but hopefully most places will reopen soon.

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    Don't feel like you need to wait for deep snow. They're a lot of fun on the groomers as well. They won't supplant my Motives as a hard snow daily driver, but they do perform well in those conditions.

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    I don't want to be a shill for these guys, but as a PSA, price drop, the remaining Vagabond & El Capo blems are down to $299 now.​​

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