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I am looking at getting two kayaks. We live near lakes and rivers where they could be used. But we are actually interested in riding surf along the coast and doing some light coastal kayaking.
Whichever kayak you'll end up choosing, if and when riding waves, be sure to familiarize yourself with wave surfing rules, especially if you find yourself riding a break where there are surfers and bodyboarders riding the same break. Truth be told, kayaks and surfboards don't really "mix" well when sharing a break and there are safety issues that can come up.

Most of the time, if there is surf to be had, you'll have company so it's really important to know the rules that govern who has the right of way and how to act properly in the line up and once you're on the wave.

The surboard riding crowd tends to be a bit weary of "yakers" because comparatively speaking, kayaks tend to be a bit less maneuverable in the waves than surfboards and bodyboards, so having to deal with a kayak or SUP in the lineup can make people nervous. Actually, the same holds true for longboarders. In the end it all comes down to level of skill and control over whatever you're riding and proving to the group that you're know what you're doing.

Some of the best and most nimble kayakers that I've seen were actually people that were riding sit-in white water boats. They obviously were very comfortable in fast moving water and had really good control over their boats. And even those guys get a bit of an "attitude" from the line up.

The sit on top kayak can be a lot of fun in the surf, I'm sure (never been on one), but keep in mind that something that will be swift and easier to move in breaking surf, probably will be less fun when trying to cover some distance. The reverse goes for boats that track well in straight lines. They will be less nimble when trying to ride a breaking wave. So it ends up being a bit of a choice as to what you see yourself doing more.