Robin Williams dies


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    Robin Williams dies

    Fucking wow:

    Always admired him as an actor. He drove me nuts when he was interviewed because he never settled down. When I was a kid I thought Mork and Mindy was the shit.

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    Just heard that. He seems like the kind of personality where people either loved him or hated him.

    Either way, we leaves behind a wife and 3 kids. Sad :(

    I always thought this was a pretty funny skit of his

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    Mork and Mindy was definitely one of my favorite TV shows as a little kid. I wasn't really old enough for much of it to fully grasp the comedy, but he was just so crazy and seeing my parents and older brother in tears laughing made it on my favorites.


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    While I'm saddened to hear of his passing I'm not totally surprised. I think he's been fighting those demons in his head for awhile.


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    I saw live on Leno when I was in LA visiting and helping someone move back to NYC. Blue Man Group was on to that night. He got up and started playing with the band. I was sober no alchol and no mj and I never laughed so hard in my life thanks Robin for all the great comedy you did.

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    "Nanu Nanu"

    One of Mork's favorite sayings.

    Tortured by depression and addiction his entire life. Even sober he was always on the edge. So sad he was not able to defeat those demons in the end.

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    RIP Robin, just goes to show we all have our crosses to bear in life regardless of fame and fortune, his mental problems might have actually been the source of both. I would bet most creative geniuses are mentally tortured.
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    Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly.

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    That sucks.
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