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    Hampshire 100

    I did my first endurance race this past weekend at the Hampshire 100. Given that it was my first, I opted for the 100km option. There was a lot of learning done, but also a lot of fun.

    They had camping at the start/finish line, decent food onsite, great volunteers and excellent turn-out from the locals.

    From the other riders I heard that this year's course was more difficult than in previous years. I highly recommend next year's for anyone thinking about giving it a try.

    I'm also thinking of doing the Green Mountain Trails endurance race in September and CircumBurke at the end of October.

    Anyone else race on Sunday?


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    Holly cow that an awesome day of hours on a mountain bike. Great report NBC I hope to be able to 25% of what you did when I am in better shape which I am working on now.

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    a friend of mine did it. He's much faster than me, he finished in 7:40

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    Scotty- lots of time to get in shape for the best time of the year for mountain biking: Sept-Oct. And before you know it, it will be ski season!

    Kudos to your buddy mlc.. that is a pretty decent time.

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    Well done! I don't know that I have the legs/courage to do something like that!!!! Congrats.

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