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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    Perfectly sums up the ski season of 15/16.

    Good synopsis JDM...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    really? it was very good skiing at loon.
    Couldn't say. I can't afford to ski at Loon. I'm just a working man.

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    Max pass. Loon cost me $41 and that price will continue to fall as I continue to use the pass

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    My opinion of Cannon Saturday was pretty different than what I've read here. First trip down from the Peabody was awful, pretty much solid ice with a few patches of nice snow if you stuck to the sides. Made my way to the front 5. Zoomer/Paulies/Avy were fantastic from 8:30am until 10:30. Great soft bumps and stashes. I made my way to Mittersill and found Baron's to be mediocre at best (i heard it was better earlier.) I decided to head back to the front after 1 trip down Baron's and saw that the wind hold on the Cannonball was lifted so I made the trip up.

    Profile was a little scratchy up top but awesome half way down. Upper Cannon had a lot of snow, but it's not the best pitch to ski when you're in powder. Tramway and Vista (when it opened) was unreal. Best skiing of the year for me by a long shot. Boot deep from 11:30 until 2:15 when I decided to finally head in.

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    The f-in wind blew so hard at Mittersill Friday night that I only got 1 hour of sleep.There was no snow in my driveway but about a foot up against my door.It never really did stop blowing Saturday but certainly nothing like all night Friday.I've got quite an attitude about this years weather/conditions and its affecting my ski time.Right now I'll be happy with blue sky and calm weather with average temps for March to finish this season.Yes more rain coming mid week.WTF?

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    To my surprise, upper mountain conditions on Sunday were fantastic (all things considered). I was loving the lack of crowds too.

    Most of the lower mountain was very icy (and unenjoyable). That was my experience anyway...

    Regardless, I'm with SkiSkier - this relentlessly miserable weather has given me a very bad attitude... That's not good I realize, but it's true nonetheless...

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    Not so much this year, but still...

    "Tramline isn’t always open, but when it is…oh boy. This is where New Hampshire’s best ski. "

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    Kind of laughable when Flying Goose is one these.None of those are even on the map with Tramline.

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    I don't think the point was most challenging. Agreed that none on that list is on the same level as Tramline. Wildcat lift line is pretty burly for about 300 vertical and then mainly tame. Not too many great challenging lift lines in general in NH compared to VT.

    In defending Goose, it is a pretty good bump run. You do occasionally see some impressive bump skiers on it

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    Those bumps on Flying Goose look nice.

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