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    My take.

    Cannon skiers are passionate, but honest about their mountains shortcomings. Self deprecating is indeed a good descriptor.

    Sundown skiers are happy with what they got for being in CT and IMO rightfully defend their little mole hill. They are all heavily invested and it's the core skier there whose feedback and promotion of the mountain that has lead to their mogul offerings and bump competition. Honestly, as someone who loves moguls, if smaller places I've had passes in the past (Crotched, Ragged, Gunstock) put forth 20% of the effort that Sundown does in offering decent bumps, I'd have been defensive of those areas as well....and likely still have a season pass at one of them.

    Killington skiers have big truck syndrome and troll the internets talking about their big truck
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    I love skiing. I love my family. I like Cannon.....that's why we ski there. Challenge, diversity, price, access, views, lack of pretension.

    That and the state sponsored Socialism, the gulag, and the redistribution of wealth!

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    I'm probably the longest Cannon skiing regular here having 40+ season passes.Believe me when I tell you that most of my hundreds of regular Cannon friends have no problem crapping on the mountain.Myself included.We bitch about their shortcommings all the time and then tell you we would never want to be anywhere else fulltime.I'll be there this weekend to get into fireplace burning and drinking shape.And I'm sure those usual excited goosebumps will appear as I pass the Old Man for the umteenth time.Hope to see whales like this soon.
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    Cannon Whales. Sometimes they apporach the vertical of Sundown and can be steeper than Satan's Stairway on the backside.

    Live, Ski or Die Trying!!!
    "Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the ski runs that take our breath away."

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    I'm sure they measured their base depths from the top of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMadWorld View Post
    Cannon followers tend to be more self deprecating IMO.
    Agree. Cannon followers only get their panties in a wad when they're self defecating.

    Sorry for that sick mental image. No photos to follow.

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    pow day on mitt last year... I was sooo "sick" that day... And yea he's standing

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    ^rule#47 keep skis on when pissing

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    Last year was my first time to Cannon, at the end of January.....I ended up getting in 20 days there for the rest of the season. Really enjoyed the terrain and met some really awesome people to ski with.....made my decision to by a Cannon only pass this year instead of the Superpass ! So yes lots of love for Cannon here......looking forward to it opening !


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    Comparing this to Sundown and K lovers is just ridiculous.

    +1 million.

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