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    I am pro snow

    I was at a Warren Miller Movie and there was an organization there handing out buttons, t-shirts, posters etc. That organization is "I AM PRO SNOW". People were snagging this stuff up like crazy - well, we are all pro snow right? http://climaterealityproject.org/pro-snow

    I thought that I would look into it a little further and it turns out it is an organization called - Climate Reality (http://climaterealityproject.org/). What they are doing is clever. The create a wide array of initiatives that target different demographics involving their particular interests. So in effect, they target Winter sports people with "I AM PRO SNOW". Here is the list of other "fronts":

    24 Hours of Reality
    Climate Reality Leadership Corps
    Heat on Denial
    The Guitar of Reality
    The People vs. Carbon
    What I Love
    Why? Why Not?

    In fact here is there educational video in a very easy to understand format

    After all of this I was not really sure what to think of it (felt used and abused), because I was being sold on a concept through my passion with what seems like a cool tag line. If the real organization was there I bet 70% of the people would walk by and ignore it. As it stands - people were drawn to it, but there was not much mention about what it really meant, people just wanted to get the swag with the "tag line".

    At least this organization - http://protectourwinters.org/ - seems to be what it is - truly winter related.

    I was curious about others perspectives.

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    Trying to influence the casual non-scientific type about climate change has been scummy in general whether it's coming from Al Gore or the Koch Bros or BG. They are arguing politics in a scientific debate.
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