Do thin, warm, and windproof/waterproof ski gloves exist?


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    Do thin, warm, and windproof/waterproof ski gloves exist?

    I can never seem to find a warm pair of thin ski gloves. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Check out some of the ones offered by Black Diamond. Don't know how "thin" you want them, but I have a pair that are waterproof and windproof, fit nicely, and were from BD. They are not too pricey either.

    Look here:

    They run deals on their page. and others have their stuff on deep discount too.
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    I have some older pairs like these.

    I have become a huge fan of Hestra gloves lately. I now wear The Verticl Cut Freeride, and have a pair of Skiercross as well.

    The Hestras are bulkier than the Scotts but warmer. I find leather gloves to be much warmer for their bulk vs. man made material. I leather balm my gloves once a year, and never get wet, unless its pouring out.
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