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    recomendations on new boards

    Hi everyone I have an ancient solomon board that I have been riding since I was 16 ( I'm 28 now) was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on a new ride something that can ride hard pack, hold an edge in the turns and floats through powder would be nice. The old beast just isn't cutting it anymore.

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    Jones Flagship. If twin tip isn't inportant, the Jones Hovercraft

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    Go on and find a board with the attributes you desire.

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    Thanks for thr info I'll check it out

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    I am riding a Never Summer Cobra 163 this season. WOW! This thing is a razor. Unbelievably fast and carvey. I've had several Salomon's in the past and this is a similar type of board: stiff, fast, nimble, but somewhat unforgiving. I don't go in the park, I don't ride switch, etc. This board would probably not be fun for those things. I do like bumps and I'm finding this board to be a little too stiff in the bumps. It definitely prefers to go FAST.

    I second dmw's advice about thegoodride and about deciding what attributes you want. Not all riders want the same thing. Good luck!

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    Nice yea I'm not to big on the park or switch either sounds like something I would be looking for

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