Monarch Colorado- A Miserable Experience 12-15-14


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    Monarch Colorado- A Miserable Experience 12-15-14

    So I skied Monarch Monday, my first time there and first time out this season. What a joke. For starters, they got 20 inches of snow the past 48 hours and it continued to snow the whole day- come on, No ice?. 2nd- It was a free ski day as long as you brought 2 canned goods to donate- This sucks I don't want to ski for the price of two canned goods 3rd- I never waited in line more than 2 minutes max and usually just skied right onto the lift.
    If you can't sense the sarcasm it was a great day at a nice locals mountain.
    For the full trip report see my blog at

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    Made me laugh! 😄

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    Nice. Hopefully you will keep rubbing our noses in it with more reports throughout the season

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    Really not sure how you made it through such an awful day! Seriously, nice report and congrats on the western migration

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    I have skied Monarch once and had a similarly miserable experience. Made we want to come back and ski a post thaw/freeze holiday weekend at hun-ta (that's Hunter for those not in the know)......
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