Anybody been to Hunter lately?


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    Anybody been to Hunter lately?

    I'll be heading up to Hunter tomorrow and was wondering how the hill was skiing. Also, if anybody else is going and wants to take a few runs let me know.

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    Should be a lot steep trail s I was their last weekend skied very nice packed j powder last weekend I be their tommkowtow and have on brown session s coat red snow pants
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    Skied pretty well today, especially under the guns on HBK, Ike and Wayout. I thought it was a little thin on the east side. Also making snow on Claire's, Racers and Gun Hill which should open soon. Not too crowded today either which was nice.

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    Hunter was great today, will be even better tomorrow.

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    Heading out to Hunter tomorrow (Monday) if anyone is around and wants to take some turns.

    I ski double black diamonds.

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    Rumor has it some "legit" guy skied at Hunter today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodCore View Post
    Rumor has it some "legit" guy skied at Hunter today!
    M.C. Hammer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornhead View Post
    M.C. Hammer?

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    Greg the original owner I bet.

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