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Thread: Smuggs

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    Never been there, but have some free tix from Warren Miller show, so may head up after the holidays. Are there always good bumps there, or does it depend? What are some decent places to stay, clean and reasonably priced, along the lines of Hydeaway at Bush or North Star at K?

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    Do yourself a favor and wait until the conditions at Smuggs are prime before you go. The bump skiing there has been pretty lackluster when I've been. For me, Smuggs is more about it's classic New England trails, and it's very challenging terrain. The headwall on the Madonna liftline is the real deal.

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    One does not go to Smuggs to ski bumps!
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    The best moguls at Smuggs have trees and squirrels all around them.
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    TBH - the bumps on Free Fall were pretty good on Saturday. Though I get what everyone is saying.

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    All true statements. Smuggs rarely gets consistent bumps because terrain follows the fall line (for the most part). And throw in the fact that they rarely take out natural hazards on advanced terrain. Smuggler's Alley can get decent bump as well as the trail next to the race course on Sterling (can't remember). Come spring time, Upper FIS can get serious bump lines but they tend to groom it through most of the year

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    The best moguls at Smuggs have trees and squirrels all around them.
    And Black Bear.....wait that area is off limits

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    And Black Bear.....wait that area is off limits
    Excuse me...Do you need assistance?

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    Thanks everyone for the input on the bumps at Smuggs - it's kind of what I suspected. Does anyone have any input on the question about where to stay there?
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    Smuggler's Notch Inn.....great location, decent price, good pub, and really good breakfast!

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