Sidi Drako SRS LTD Euro Edition Men's Shoes

Replacing the Dragon 3, the new Drako (Latin for dragon) SRS LTD Euro Edition Shoes make use of the new Tecno 3 buckle system, a sleek, breathable design, and the new Drako SRS Carbon Soles. Altogether, Sidi has slashed 100 grams from the Dragon 3, while making the comfort and efficiency of the Drako design well ahead of any other mountain shoe on the market.
While the Dragon 3 utilizes three different closure systems, the Drako is based around a single system " the new Tecno 3 buckle, yet another great innovation from Sidi. Most notably, adjustments of each of the shoe's instep and forefoot buckles are significantly more intuitive and easier to do while in-the-saddle. Loosening each buckle is a simple affair " you can pinch both buttons on either side of the buckle to unwind the line closure, or you can alternatively toggle each button for extremely precise incremental adjustment. Tightening the shoe should also be familiar: just open the buckle's switch and wind the buckle. Sidi uses a supple, but low-friction, line material to keep the buckle action smooth.
For a difference that you'll feel on the first pedal stroke, Sidi gave the Drako the all new Drako Carbon SRS Sole. This sole not only shaves 100 grams from the Dragon, but it also achieves equilibrium between comfort, efficiency, and durability. To do so, Sidi designed the sole around a durable nylon frame. The carbon fiber, as well as the SRS tread, are actually bolted down, replaceable inserts that attach to the frame. This provides a slight flex along the length of the foot without compromising the overall rigidity of the sole. Through this distinct design, the sole allows a fierce power transfer without risking the loss of circulation in the feet from being too rigid.
Also returning from previous top-shelf offerings is Sidi's improved Heel Security System (or HSS) to keep your foot positively planted in the shoe. By means of a small allen key, it's an adjustable, rigid composite band that closes the shoe more securely over your heel to anchor it in place around your Achilles. So, no matter how much power you're pouring into the pedals, your heel will stay in place inside the shoe.
With a degree of engineered flex in the Drako Carbon SRS Sole and a secure and slip-free heel, you won't have to worry about hot spots. And you don't have to worry about heat in the rest of your feet, either, with the Drako's combination of Lorica microfiber and ballistic mesh -- giving you comfort, fit, ventilation, and durability.
The Sidi Drako SRS LTD Euro Edition Men's Shoes are available in the colors Flo Yellow/black and Vernice White and in whole and half sizes 41.0 to 48.0. Please note that these shoes are intended for use with 2-hole mountain bike cleats. And while many pedal manufacturers recommend using a reinforcement plate between the cleat and the shoe to prevent sole damage, the Drako SRS comes equipped with a replaceable cleat wear plate. So, the use a reinforcement plate is up to your discretion.

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