Oakley Razor Blade Heritage Collection Sunglasses

Triathlon fashion of the 1980s is still something of a marvel. The first attempts at wraparound aerobars, the fluorescent running shorts, the bikes, the hair " it all came together when worn with the Oakley Razor Blades. Scott Tinley took them to the finish line on several occasions, so we like to think that they were, in fact, an aerodynamic accessory. If nothing else, they shielded his eyes from the Kona sun and kept him looking cool. While Oakley left the aqua and violet frames in the vault, it reissued the Razor Blades"with updated lens technology"as part of its 30th anniversary Heritage Collection.
The Razor Blades features the same wraparound, eye-shielding design from the days of yore. However, they've been updated with lightweight lenses molded from Oakley's proprietary HDO (High Definition Optics). These optics provide three things. First, you see images clearer and sharper without any image distortion. Second, regardless of the curvature of the lens, images appear where they actually are, rather than being shifted. Finally, HDO lenses are impact resistant and filter 100 percent of UV rays.
The frames themselves are O Matter, which is a shatterproof polycarbonate structure. Each pair comes with both straight and "trigger" style earstems. To make them even more collectible, they each include a pin, sticker, guitar pick, and Microclear bag.
The Oakley Razor Blade Heritage Collection Sunglasses are available in one size and in three vintage, though perfectly wearable, colors: Matte Clear/violet iridium, Black/fire, and Seafoam/grey.

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