Fat tire snow bikes


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    Fat tire snow bikes

    Have you tried one on the snow? What was it like?

    I saw one parked/locked the other day but the owner wasn't there so I couldn't ask.
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    I just posted a news article yesterday that they rent them now at Mont sainte Anne. It certianly looks fun but I'd need some terrain (hills, jumps, berms etc.) - just pedaling on flat ground looks pretty dull.
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    Fat tire snow bikes

    Shredding pow on a Mtn bike? Say what?

    That was a link about this on unofficial networks an couple months ago, bikers riding downhill through pow.
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    White Mountain Bike Shop at the Franconia Inn rents these out. I've been tempted to try it all season. A few places in NEK (and much more extensive trails) as well.
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    First time I saw one was on the beach last summer. Guy was moving at a nice clip. Which got me thinking how sand is similar in some ways to powder.
    I wonder how snow shoes would do on a soft loose sandy beach....
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    I'd think sand combined with greasy bike parts would equal PIA maintenance
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    I haven't ridden one, but I've heard that they don't do too well in fresh snow, the trails need to be packed down a little first.

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    I've never ridden one either. Personally I don't understand the rave for a number of reasons:
    1. It's ski season after all & biking is secondary,
    2. The opportunities to ride them in the winter need to be "perfect", so you can't always ride them when you want....In other words, you need to rely on someone grooming trails AND allowing Mtn bikes on their groomed trails. Also once you get over a 4-5 inches of powder they are not much fun. What about ice?
    3. Seems like an expensive niche bike that only gets a handful of days a year of riding...And I realize you can ride them year round, but I just don't see this type of bike/ride replacing my current MTB.

    Why not just get some studded tires & put them on your regular ride if you'd like to ride in the winter ??? I'll agree studded winter bike riding requires it's own set of "perfect" conditions to make it enjoyable (i.e. hardpacked, frozen, conditions), however (at least in my neck of the woods) these opportunities seem to be much more abundant than the opportunities/conditions for fat biking.....The biggest advantage I see with studded tires is you can ride ice with confidence.

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    Think there are diehard bikers(ah cyclists..excuse me) in cities around the area(Boston/Cambridge, Portland to name a few) that bike to work everyday and will drop some $$$ to ride for the conditions

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    I understand the draw for the people who are really into biking year round. I am intrigued and Allspeed in Portland has a demo fleet. It would definitely be fun to try but the only days I could do it I find I'd rather be skiing. I have to hand it to bike manufacturers, they are definitely making it much more affordable. Several companies have sub $1k fat bikes that are not half bad.

    Personally, I like the whole ski in fall and winter... ride in spring, summer, and fall thing.

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