Louis Garneau Course Race Short - Women's

Anatomic comfort is nothing new to Louis Garneau. After all, it's been at the forefront of cycling design for nearly 30 years. So, when it came time to design a the Course Race Women's Shorts, Garneau decided to poke the boundaries of possibility. Instead of simply making a comfortable pair of shorts, Garneau instead opted to incorporate high levels of aerodynamic and breathable properties that are typically sacrificed in the pursuit of comfort.
Starting with the shorts portion of the Course Race, Garneau used its Lazer Rev fabric for the construction. This material features a knit that has a high percentage of Lycra fibers in its composition. This means that you'll experience more muscle support in comparison to heavy polyester blends. Why is this important? Well, more support translates to less muscle movement from road vibration, and thus, less muscle fatigue. Additionally, even though the Course Race isn't a designated compression piece, you can still expect a slight improvement to blood flow, correlating directly to a reduction of lactic acid buildup. Even better, Lazer Rev has been designed to retain its shape after expanding for body conformity. So, the fabric's shape, fit, and compressive qualities don't run the risk of degradation. And to keep the heat at bay, Garneau also treated the shorts with its Coldblack finish. This finish permits the sun's heat to be reflected away from the shorts instead of absorbing it like most fabrics. So, you can ride on the rivet during summer races without running the risk of overheating.
So, you might be asking where aerodynamics come into the fold? Well, this a two part story, with Chapter One being the materials, and Chapter Two involving the construction. Moving along these lines, Garneau designed the Course Race shorts with a minimal number of seams. Not only does this minimize the possibility of abrasion, but it also creates a smooth, laminar air flow over the legs. So, you'll notice that the inner leg features a seamless design, and that the hems of the legs have been lazer-cut. Together, drag is reduced, and poignant compression and chafing have been eliminated.
For further comfort, the shorts feature Louis Garneau's own, patent-pending 5 Motion chamois. This chamois, developed with Beveled Edge Molding, uses a 3D, preshaped wing design that moves in unison with your body. After all, a non-conforming insert is a leading cause of abrasion. So, to guarantee an obedient flexibility, the 5 Motion chamois uses a variable-density, perforated memory foam that's been shaped objectively towards every direction of movement and pressure. And unlike other forms of variable-density padding, the 5 Motion shape ensures that height transitions flow smoothly from region to region. This means that pinching and chafing are nearly eliminated. Garneau also included a center channel, much like your favorite saddles, that relieves pressure on the genitals and sensitive nerves. However, Garneau didn't stop there. The insert also effectively evacuates any moisture -- another source of chafing and bacteria.
The Louis Garneau Course Race Women's Shorts are available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the colors Black and Black/red.

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