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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Skied there a few SB Sunday's and what is a zoo at Cannon is a relatively quiet day most elsewhere.

    Supposed to be frigid as week. That will keep some people away.

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    Oh that's right ..... It's gonna be cold !
    I should just stay home 🍺

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    Quote Originally Posted by loki357 View Post
    Bluebird, with A little less than 20" of blower pow on top of really slick and hard ice on the trails and on top of a think crust layer in the woods. Showed up to the white cap lodge hoping to rip draglines down an untouched White Heat, but they groomed it. It still had some goods on the sides though

    Here's some footy
    Just saw this clip in the Ski The East forecast. Nice work!
    Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly.

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    Little FYI on Mt. Abram. I was there last Sat. And at least a half dozen of the 16 open trails shouldn't have been. You could get down but there was more ice than snow. Not sure how 20" of blower pow will work on big patches of freshly zambonied bullet proof.

    Odd thing was the other ten trails were pretty nice. I really like the place but clearly they were more concerned about trail count than quality last week.

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    thanks! yeah, that was cool of TK to add it to his snowcast.

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    Do people think Sunday River will be in good shape tomorrow with the little bit of snow forecast for tonight?

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    it was dust on crust when i was there. and the crust was hard ice. they should be getting more snow, but i would head to sback or the loaf. the loaf did just open brackett basin. and those two are supposed to get 14".

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMRoma View Post
    Oh that's right ..... It's gonna be cold !
    I should just stay home 🍺

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    Home is Cannon!

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