$ Good backcountry books


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    $ Good backcountry books

    $ Good backcountry books

    4 great books on backcountry travel with skis:"Cross Country Downhill" by Steve Barnet, "Free Heel Skiing" by Paul Parker, "Good Glide" by Leif Torgersen, And "Backcountry Skiing Adventures" by Dave Goodman. The first 2 are classics by backcountry ski greats,@nd is all about wax and uses, 3rd is about backcountry sking locations in Main and N.Hampshire. Dvd:"joy of Telemark Skiing"by Dickie Hall from NATO.They cover ALL you need know about backcounrtry sking. Sell as package due to shipping and me trying to make room for new hobby.All in very good shape. $25 + $10 for shipping.

    List Date: 1/30/2015

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    On Sale For: $25.00


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