Wildcat 2-22-2015


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    Wildcat 2-22-2015

    Surprise, surprise the skiing was great at Wildcat today. It stayed cloudy all day until the very end when George finally made an appearance. I'll try and get those photos up off my new camera if the wireless starts to cooperate. Otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow when I buy a camera USB cable.

    The crowds were almost unbearable today

    Terrain pics

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    Wow, how come there's so much space in between the trees? Every place I go ends up being a lot tighter than I was hoping! It seemed to me that Wildcat was going to be in the sweet spot and everyone would rush to get there. Hmm, maybe it's President's week burnout. How was the snow consistency? Was it getting heavy later in the day?
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    What is the trail with the cliff bands? That pic, and the other that looks like it might be an off-map waterfall, have me itching to get up there!

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    Bill, snow never got heavy. Perfect packed powder and some areas of untracked if you knew where to look. It didn't get above maybe 28 at the base all day. Stayed in the clouds until the very end.

    Sammy, the only pictures from an actual trail are these two and they are of Hairball. Looking up and looking down from the same spot. Most filled in I may have ever seen it.

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