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    I think I'm gonna do a solo trip to Cannon tomorrow morning. Plan to hit the slopes at 9am. Based on this Feb 21 ski report whether I should start on Mittersil or the left side of the mountain. I'm thinking Mittersil will be a good place to warm up before hitting the steeps since I haven't been skiing much in the last couple years.
    Without fresh snow Id warm up on the upper Mountain groomers myself......Im going out on a limb here but I think Mittersill may be on the thin / skied off right about now. But I haven't been since the gut tells me no !
    Do a few laps off the Cannonball quad, upper Cannon / Vista / Upper Ravine / are all favorites to warm up on and get the good groomed snow early on ! Then you can move around try taft and the Hardsrabbles.......and then try out the front 5 off the Zoomer chair...those seem to be the steepest !

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    Ummmm, this does not sound like a good plan as your facts are a little off.

    You do know that for most people, Mittersill is the most difficult terrain pod on the mountain. There is nothing groomed over there (unless they've groomed Baron's which I haven't heard about) and it is all natural skiing consisting of bumps, trees, steep areas with exposed rock.

    There is also no place to purchase a lift ticket over there.

    Not sure where you got the idea that Mittersil is the easy side of the mountain......

    Hope you have a great time

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    Thanks guys; thought I read someone saying Mittersill wasn't too hard. I'll go with JDMRoma's advice. Thanks everyone for all the replies.

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    Don't rule out Waterville for a day trip. It's under 2 hours from boston. You can take the high speed quad ( way better than the slow quads elsewhere). You can take one of 4 solid blacks while your friend takes a blue and meet at the bottom of the sunny side lift and ski together the rest of the way down. You can jump into the woods off both true grit and lower Bobby's run now and do the bumps under the chair on true grit while your friend heads down no grit. There are also blue runs beside black most of the way down under the main quad also. Definitely less challenging than Canon. But probably more enjoyable for your friend. The mountain doesn't get the crowds like Loon and Bretton to and the it's cheaper. Don't bother going to bretton woods if you want to ski diamond. You'll be bored in an hour and wonder why you spent $85. When my son was 6 years old he was a little ripper, we skied Bodie's run and at the bottom he threw his poles on the ground and said "that ain't no diamond, this mountain is boring, where are the diamonds". The diamonds turn to greens after 2 or 3 turns. Bretton does have decent woods trail options but probably not worth the trip. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Root16 View Post
    Thanks guys; thought I read someone saying Mittersill wasn't too hard. I'll go with JDMRoma's advice. Thanks everyone for all the replies.
    Yes, take JDMROMA's advice. Mittersill isn't "too hard" within the realm of unmaintained, natural conditions, off-the-beaten-path type areas. In other words, there are bumps, ice, rocks, stumps, and dirt...but it's only moderately steep.

    I skied Cannon 2-4pm today. It was a gohst town. Conditions are still very good although the soft stuff is mostly gone.

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