Day ski trip advice from Boston?


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    Red face Day ski trip advice from Boston?

    Bretton Woods is 2 hours 45 minutes from Boston, so if we wake at 5:30am, we could ostensibly be on the mountain by 9:00am. Any other ski places that are similar distance or closer we'd want to consider for a day trip? My friend is an intermediate skier who can do black diamonds from time to time without much trouble. I'm an aggressive skier with Volkl Tigershark 12ft skis which have a lot of sidecut for tearing up the corduroy and hardpack. I can tolerate blue squares, especially if they are long and rolly and speed can be built up, but I prefer blacks and double blacks. And I definitely want to hit up some tree skiing with all this natural snow we've gotten this season.

    I am considering buying a more powder oriented ski and going up to Jay Peak for a weekend trip, but not sure how realistic that dream is right now given I don't have any friends in Boston who are really interested in that kind of terrain, so right now I'm looking for a day trip from Boston that has blue squares and blacks/double blacks near each other so my friend and I can at least meet up halfway down the hill if I don't want to do blue squares all day with him and so he doesn't have to always follow me down the steeps. It seems like a lot of places have their challenging runs away on a separate mountain and put their blue squares and green circles together (the trail map of Loon totally put me off for the way it seems to segregate like this). I want to go down the same trail as my friend 60% of the time; the other 40% it would be nice if he can go down the blue square and I can take the nearby expert trail and meet up shortly after!

    Thanks in advance for your knowledgeable response. BTW, the only place I've skied in NH is Sunapee.

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    Loon would have more expert options for you while still providing excellent intermediate terrain for your friend. Bretton Woods is a very nice area, but not if you're after any sort of steeps. I've enjoyed skiing there, but it's not the place to go to challenge yourself.

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    Are the black diamonds at Loon more challenging than the black diamonds at Bretton Woods? Looking at the map again I see it's actually better in regards to mixing than I initially thought. Thanks for the reply.

    How is the tree skiing at Loon?
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    If you're prepared to drive as far north as Bretton Woods, check out Wildcat. Blues & blacks right next to each other. Not a huge area, but the layout makes it ski like a much bigger mountain than it is. Great vertical & challenging as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Root16 View Post
    Are the black diamonds at Loon more challenging than the black diamonds at Bretton Woods?
    Yes. Trail ratings are specific to each individual resort. A black at Bretton Woods would likely be a blue at Loon.

    Wildcat is also an excellent recommendation. It's my favorite ski area in NH, but it's not for everyone. The weather can get nasty there and even when it's good, there is ice to contend with.

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    Yes, Wildcat is high on my list. Was reading a NYTimes article on it that really piqued my interest:

    "The view from the 4,062-foot summit of Wildcat Mountain, an eye-level vista of Mount Washington and Tuckerman’s Ravine, is consistently voted among the most scenic in all North American ski resorts by readers of Ski magazine. There is also no on-site lodging at either Wildcat or Cannon, which gives both places a parklike landscape." And I think my friend and I would both love this:

    "Wildcat’s best trail might be Lynx, a blue square intermediate. It rolls, winds and plunges 2,100 feet from top to bottom."

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    Lynx is great. Catapult is also great for a long cruiser. Polecat can't be beat regarding long green runs in the East. I'm an advanced skier, but still enjoy the hell out of Polecat.

    It won't give you much of an idea what the trails are like, but if you want to know what the off map challenges are like at Wildcat, this is from yesterday....

    The Trip Reports section of Alpinezone is usually the best place to look for information on ski resorts as you'll get recent experiences shared pretty much daily from a variety of ski areas around New England.

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    Thanks deadhead! You've been a great help.

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    I'll throw Cannon into the mix too. Plenty of blues and blacks funnel into the same area.

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    Cannon's trail map looks very interesting; it's also *right* off of I-93. How do the blacks on cannon compare to Loon or Wildcat? Any tree skiing? (I guess everywhere is going to have tree skiing with all the snow we've gotten, weather they have marked areas or not).

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